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Web Audio API Prototype III — Public Sequencer Matrix

This interactive sequencer matrix is the same for all users – each change will affect the global state of the matrix and changes of are transmitted to all other running clients. It was inspired by a old project of mine, the Public Pixel Matrix and isn't only an Web Audio experiment, but also a social experiment.

The play head is not synchronized, if two or more use it in the same room it most likely won't be in sync.

This might crash your browser tab in Chrome after a while – I don't know why yet, maybe it's a Bug! (Works flawless in Safari)

Start Public Sequencer Matrix
Sorry, your Browser doesn't seem to support the Web Audio API.
Use Apple Safari 6 (or later) or a recent version of Google Chrome.

It works on iOS 6 (tested on iPad 2), but without Reverb. You can't see where and when a cell was set on iOS.

This web app doesn't use Flash to generate either the graphics (HTML5 canvas is used) nor the audio. This is possible thanks to the Web Audio API which allows for flexible and efficient creation/routing/mixing of audio signals. It's currently only supported by WebKit based Browsers but will hopefully find more support in other browsers soon.

Locations are provided by geoPlugin which can be quite off. AJAX is used to communicate with the server – WebSockets would probably have been a better solution.

This site was created by Patrick Borgeat (@cappelnord) in November 2012 –

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