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Other Web Audio Experiments

Web Audio API Prototype IV — Modulo Beat

The modulo operation can be quite musical. A sound is triggered if (i % n) == 0. Cells in the top row are percussive sounds, the three bottom rows are notes in a chromatic scale. All sounds are synthesized in the browser.

Start Modulo Beat
Sorry, your Browser doesn't seem to support the Web Audio API.
Use Apple Safari 6 (or later) or a recent version of Google Chrome.

It works on iOS 6 (tested on iPad 2), but without Reverb.

This web app doesn't use Flash to generate either the graphics (HTML5 canvas is used) nor the audio. This is possible thanks to the Web Audio API which allows for flexible and efficient creation/routing/mixing of audio signals. It's currently only supported by WebKit based Browsers but will hopefully find more support in other browsers soon.

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