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Other Web Audio Experiments

Web Audio API Prototype I — Acid Defender

This is a web experiment, merging music-making with gameplay. All sounds (except for the snare and kick drum) are synthesized in the web browser and all sounds are sequenced in the web browser.

You can either play the game, in which you must evade the "evil" red squares who want to destroy your notes, or you can play the jam mode with no enemies and more controls.

Game ModeJam Mode
Sorry, your Browser doesn't seem to support the Web Audio API.
Use Apple Safari 6 (or later) or a recent version of Google Chrome.

It works on iOS 6 (tested on iPad 2), but without Reverb. iPhone users: Sorry, doesn't fit on the screen right.

This web app doesn't use Flash to generate either the graphics (HTML5 canvas is used) nor the audio. This is possible thanks to the Web Audio API which allows for flexible and efficient creation/routing/mixing of audio signals. It's currently only supported by WebKit based Browsers but will hopefully find more support in other browsers soon. The jam mode is just a bonus – off course there could be a better interface for the drums/synth and more variety.

This site was created by Patrick Borgeat (@cappelnord) in October 2012 – www.cappel-nord.de

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