Patrick Borgeat, born 1985 in Öhringen. In his youth he learned to play the saxophone and performed with many different bands and ensembles. He became interested in programming early on. After finishing school he started his studies in Musikwissenschaft/Musikinformatik (musicology and music informatics) at Karlsruhe University of Music and Kulturarbeit (applied cultural studies) at Karlsruhe University. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2010 he taught programming and computer music at IMWI (Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Musikinformatik).

His current artistic main focus is live coding, which he performs regularly with his band Benoît and the Mandelbrots. He’s performing regularly as live visual performer or does visuals for Ganzfeld. He’s also active in other fields, such as interactive media art, games and the web.

He helped organizing ton:art 2010 and co-organized live.code.festival 2013.

If you want to get in touch with him you can use one of the social sites or write an e-mail to patrick -at- borgeat -dot- de. I’m open for work!

Notable festivals he performed at/worked for:

  • RADICALdb Festival 2014, Zaragoza
  • live.code.festival 2013, Karlsruhe
  • Festival Ars Electronica 2012, Linz
  • BEAM Festival 2012, Uxbridge
  • Network Music Festival 2012/2013, Birmingham
  • SuperCollider Symposium 2010/12, Berlin/London
  • next_generation Festival 2007/09/11, ZKM Karlsruhe
  • Laptops meet Musicians Festival 2011, Venice

Prizes and Awards