SuperCollider Symposium 2012

2012/04/20 – No Comments

Last week I was in London for the SuperCollider Symposium. It was a great time with lots of input and good music. I also played there with Benoît and the Mandelbrots and we presented BenoitLib. I’m still thinking about some talks, and I thought that i might also blog about them.

The single most impressive application I ever saw implemented in SuperCollider is LNX_Studio by Neil Cosgrove. It has a lot of features, a really nice GUI, tight synchronization – even over the internet. He solved some problems I also solved in BenoitLib quite differently and I think I will either wait for him to release some of his Network Stuff as Quark or integrating some ideas of LNX_Studio in MandelHub.

BiLE also presented their tools and it became clear, that actually a lot of people are trying to do the same stuff in SuperCollider: Shared State and Synchronization. Following this a discussion started at LiGroCoP to find a common solution to all of these problems. I’m in favor of shared effort, but I’m also a little skeptical, as one standard tool might harm the diversity in laptop ensembles. But it’s a good point to exchange ideas, research and code.

Other very interesting stuff was the Modality project, as well as the Ambisonics Toolkit (ATK) which really looks like as it could get me interested in spatial music. I also want to try the nl4sc UGens by Yota Morimoto. I’m also thinking about integrating the BetaBlocker algorithm into NeoJuice for visual goodness.

Some of my favorite performances were by Alo Allik/Yota Morimoto, Fredrik Olofsson, Craftwife and Mico Rex. But in general all concerts were exceptionally good!

Some nice pics of the Symposium can be found on the SC2012 blog. Some pics of the BatMan performance are on Flickr.

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