Visual Music Live Contest 2015

2015/07/15 – No Comments

Visual Music Award 2015
Ganzfeld 0x01 received an Honorary Mention at this years Visual Music Live Contest, awarded on July 10th in Gelnhausen, birth place of Oskar Fischinger.


2014/12/05 – No Comments

The band formerly known as Brofist now has its own little web site.

Ballkeeper for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

2014/08/04 – No Comments

I finished the iOS port of my Ludum Dare 28 game Ballkeeper.
It is now available for free on the App Store. Go check it out!

Early 2014 Updates

2014/03/09 – No Comments

Some stuff I worked on:

Ballkeeper was my Ludum Dare 48hours game jam entry. It scored a #9 in Fun and #12 Overall, which is really awesome!

Brofist is my new band with Juan A. Romero. We do audio visual noise/drone/glitch/techno shows. Here’s a teaser from our first performance:

Late 2013 Updates

2013/11/29 – No Comments

Some Updates. I probably should post more often!

I ventured a little bit into Mac video plugin programming. I wrote a Python script to easily convert/compile a GLSL shader into a FxPlug Plugin for use in Motion. You can find GLSL2FxPlug on GitHub. I used it in this Teaser for nil#3 Party.

Speaking of nil#3, here is a nice recording of Visuals I did for Plüderhausen:

Kinoprogrammpreis 2013, Schauburg KarlsruheHere’s also a nice shot of Holger Ballweg and Juan A. Romero with my Visuals at Schauburg Karlsruhe. Photo by Andrea Fabry.

Visuals for Benoît and the Mandelbrots

2013/06/28 – No Comments

I did my first big-screen visuals show at Stadtgeburtstag Karlsruhe for Benoît and the Mandelbrots. As I was also playing with the band I had to script all transitions and trigger them when appropriate.

Audio in the Web

2012/10/17 – No Comments

OK, I must admit my “Audio in the Web” series wasn’t really going anywhere. But to conclude the series: Use Web Audio API. It’s awesome!

I’ve started doing my own experiments with it and I’m gonna collect all of them in my Web Audio API Prototype Collection. So check it out if you’re curious!

Audio in the Web 02: The Past and Forgotten

2012/05/28 – No Comments

Overview of all parts of the Audio in the Web series.

Throughout the history of the world wide web many techniques were conceived and used to add audio to a web site. Some of them only allowed web designers to embed static audio files into their sites, a very questionable practice if it’s used as a background track. Some of these techniques have practically already died out along with the infamous <marquee> and <blink> HTML tag.


Audio in the Web 01: Introduction

2012/05/21 – No Comments

We use audio in a web browser all the time, listening to songs on YouTube or reacting to a sound in a flash game. But upcoming (and to some extent already available) techniques promise more: Interactive, dynamic audio with signal processing and even access to the sample level. Especially the last feature allows for more than traditional audio programming environments, such as Max/MSP or SuperCollider, can offer: Basically you could implement any audio application (or at least any DSP algorithm). Or maybe not?


Prix Ars Electronica 2012 – Honorary Mention

2012/05/08 – No Comments

I’m proud to announce, that my live coding band Benoît and the Mandelbrots has received a Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica 2012.

Nothing more to say here ;-)